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Date Venue Playing With  
06/04/2013 Katoomba RSL The Crooked Fiddle Band, Event Link
10/03/2013 Clarendon Guesthouse Vulgargrad, Event Link
07/07/2012 The Newsagency Event Link
23/06/2012 Winter Magic Festival The Lurkers, The Spooky Men's Chorale, Ghost Train, Chris Gillespie, Red Bee, The Sweet Jelly Rolls, Lime & Steel, Dave Carr's Fabulous Contraption, Sideshow Annie, Brotherfunk Event Link
10/03/2012 Katoomba RSL Event Link
10/02/2012 Katoomba RSL Tex Perkins, Event Link
11/03/2011 Annandale Hotel Canopy Choirs, Event Link
14/01/2011 Katoomba RSL The Black Sorrows, Event Link
06/11/2010 The Gallery, Oxford Art Factory Event Link
10/09/2010 Gearins Hotel Claude Hay, Mick Hart, Event Link
17/07/2010 Gaelic Theatre Found at Sea, Event Link
11/06/2010 El Rocco's (Bar Me) Phillip Bracken, Polyminor Event Link
09/09/2009 Sandringham Hotel Fervent, Event Link
18/06/2009 Sly Fox Hotel Event Link
23/05/2009 Katoomba RSL Tim Stokes Event Link
30/04/2009 The Harp Event Link
21/04/2009 Petersham Rsl Event Link

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